The Bench Warmers Ep. 5: Project Inspector

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Bench Warmers PipettesHave you ever caused your advisor to get scaled by boiling coffee? Ever saved them from going to prison? Found out a relative had bullied them? This month we look at the relationship at the heart of the grad school experience – a years-long co-dependency between the PI (Primary Investigator) and the Grad Student.

The Bench Warmers Ep. 5: Project Inspector (Downloadable mp3. Right click link and choose “Save Link As…”)

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Part 1: Fred Sherman tells us about a trip to the zoo

Part 2: Tess Eidem and Paul Dunman tell the same story from different sides of the room

Part 3: Carrie Klocke reminds us why it is appropriate to have some fear of your advisor

Part 4: Scott Gerber tells us what makes a good mentor

Part 5: Marty Pavelka saves his boss from prison

Part 6: Liz Boule has an interesting familial connection to her boss

Part 7: Dan Scantlebury shares some Advisor slapstick

Part 8: Tess Eidem has an amazing day

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