The Bench Warmers Ep. 2: Oh Sh*t

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SPIRITWe asked a bunch of current and former grad students what the most expensive thing they ever broke in lab was. The result was hilarious and soul-crushing. Grab some headphones and a box of Kimwipes for the inevitable tears, and give this episode a listen.

The Bench Warmers Ep. 2: Oh Sh*t (Downloadable mp3. Right click link and choose “Save Link As…”)

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Part 1: Karl has a confession

Part 2: So many, many broken things

Part 3: Karl interviews PhD candidate Kaitlin Wozniak about using pliers on a very expensive laser mirror

Part 4: Maddie interviews PI Scott Gerber about “The Great White Buffalo”

Part 5: Maddie interviews PhD student Alejandro about an acid accident

Part 6: Dr. Paul Dunman returns to tell us about a ring of fire

Part 7: Post Doc Sesquile Ramon gets spun right ’round

Part 8: An interview with a subject who wished to remain anonymous about a terrifying close call.

The Bench Warmers is Produced and Edited by Madeline Sofia and Karl Smith.

The Worst Things, In the Rain, and Sorry You Died are all from the album They Don’t Run Your Life by bgm. Check out his music at

The Bench Warmers Theme is by Under the Eaves. Check out their music at

This week’s outro was The Entertainer by Scott Joplin, recorded from a player piano by tomrjim and Jonathan Aizen, and released under a creative commons license. Downloaded from the free music archive:

Our logo is by Alexis Carek.

Our montage of broken things stories featured PhD candidate Carolyn Klocke and PhD student Maureen Newman, as well as several other students who wished to remain anonymous.

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