The Bench Warmers Ep. 1: What Have We Gotten Into?

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Part 1: Maddie and Karl interview Chapin Cavender, an incoming PhD student

Part 2: Maddie tells a story about a time when her best laid plan exploded in front of her entire department.

Part 3: Karl tells a story about the first time he felt like he belonged in Graduate School

Part 4: Maddie interviews Dr. Paul Dunman about a time when he nearly left Graduate School during his time there.

Part 5: Chapin has a question for Maddie and Karl

The Bench Warmers Ep. 1: What Have We Gotten Into? (Downloadable mp3. Right click link and choose “Save Link As…”)

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The Bench Warmers is Produced and Edited by Madeline Sofia and Karl Smith.

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12 Responses

  1. Chris Kelley


  2. Tess Eidem

    Honest and hilarious, I love it!

  3. James Hagerty

    Hi. I enjoyed the podcast it was a nice interesting take on some differing perspectives of the post graduate experience in academia. I was curious how often you will be presenting episodes?

    • Karl J. P. Smith

      We’re expecting to release a new episode on the first of each month. Thanks for listening!

  4. Alyssa Clay

    LOL….the life of a grad. student…never dull

  5. Hens Zimmerman

    Sounds good! Awesome stuff,


  6. Great start! Are you guys tweeting?

  7. Lisa Gates

    Bravo Maddie!!! Well done!!

  8. […] Bench Warmers Podcast is produced by two University of Rochester students who are experiencing the struggles of grad […]

  9. Great job! Looking forward to having more friends in the grad school podcast area. Welcome to the club and thanks for the entertaining episode. And definitely get on Twitter if you can.

    (Also, here’s some Rochester love. Go RIT!)

  10. Had such a good laugh listening, really looking forward to future episodes!

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