Maddie and Karl interviewed by SciLogs blogger Kirk Englehardt!

Last week on The Leap, Maddie and Karl were interviewed by the very talented Kirk Englehardt. Read the interview here for a look at how The Benchwarmers came about and Maddie and Karl’s plans for the future.

Grad students dishing about the ‘misadventures and victories’ of a life in the sciences. Oooh! Sign me up!

Anyone who has gone to grad school knows there are plenty of mistakes to be made, and the victories…well, they’re all hard won. The Bench Warmers Podcast digs deep, with revealing interviews exploring the intense emotional and mental pressure grad students experience each day. It’s even been described as ‘grad school therapy.’

Misadventures and Victories: An Unfiltered Look at Grad School in the Sciences

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